BA Ferguson Artists

Here's some our friends who use BA Ferguson instruments to make music across genres. Check 'em out.



Kelly Nash, Guitar
Scott Roberts, Bass

Skymonk / South Carolina

Skymonk is an gritty alternative rock band out of Columbia, SC formed by Kelly Nash (Guitars, Vocals), Scott Roberts (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Ben Evans (Drums) in late 2012. Skymonk has developed an infectious sound with driving rhythm that resonates with both the young and older crowd.

Jessica Skinner, Ukelele
Jeff Pitts, Guitar

Prettier than Matt / South Carolina

If Prettier Than Matt has a motto that describes them best, it is diversity and versatility combined with musical ability. The likeable duo have made a name for themselves in the Carolinas with a mixture of rock 'n' roll energy and acoustic accessibility. They're Americana, pop, rock, and more.

Prettier Than Matt

Prettier Than Matt

Joe Meckley

Joe Meckley

Joe Meckley, Bass

Doctrine of Ethos / South Carolina

Doctrine of Ethos was formed to change the world through music. We live in times of turmoil, hate, and an overall low social state. The Ancient Greeks believed that music could affect people for good or evil, and that there was a direct reflection between the state of music and the state of society. Doctrine of Ethos is that idea and we believe its time for a change.

Aaron Stone, Guitar

My Epic / Virginia

The soundtrack of a hopeful youth shimmers inside the unassuming three piece that is My Epic. Deliberately penning lyrics to subvert all basic human nature, My Epic have become the unforeseen antidote to apathy with song after song evoking raw emotion wrapped in a palpable tenderness. Soaring refrains and dynamic vocals breeze in and out of carefully sculpted songs with alternated softness and exuberance. 

Aaron Stone. Photo by

Aaron Stone. Photo by

Stephen Harrison. Photo by Sam Velghe.

Stephen Harrison. Photo by Sam Velghe.

Stephen Harrison, Guitar

The Chariot / Georgia

Formed in 2003, The Chariot's music was characterized by a metal sound and the screamed vocals of frontman Josh Scogin. Journalists frequently referred to the music as "chaotic"; Allmusic writer Alex Henderson described it as a "dense, clobbering sledgehammer", while Brian Shultz of Alternative Press called it "manically pounding, distortion-soaked exercises of catharsis".The Chariot disbanded in 2013.

Kevin Wykoff, Guitar

Slug's Revenge / South Carolina

Slug's Revenge. Photo by Shannon Lawhon Rauh Photography.

Slug's Revenge. Photo by Shannon Lawhon Rauh Photography.

Ben Walker

Ben Walker

Ben Walker, Guitar

Rejectioneers / South Carolina

Eliel Hinojosa, Guitar

With All Our Might / Texas

Eliel Jinjosa. Photo by Janine Marie Photography Studio.

Chasing Light

Daniel Betts, Guitar

Chasing Light / Australia

Andy O'Neal, Guitar

Sent By Ravens / South Carolina

Andy O'Neal. Photo by

Safe Hands. Photo by Joe Andersons Photography.

Anthony Webster, Guitarist
Mick Ayton, Guitarist

Safe Hands / Australia

Casey Meyer, Guitarist

Jim Quick and the Coastline / North Carolina

Casey Meyer ofJim Quick and the Coastline

Ryan Internicola

Ryan Internicola, Guitar

Ryan I / New York

Zach Feinberg, Guitar

The Revivalists / New Orleans

In rock ‘n’ roll, you’ve got to walk the well-trodden path of the genre’s forefathers one step at a time. Each gig under your belt makes for another fan, while every record serves as the next totem for your legacy. It’s a proverbial rite of passage, and there’s no skipping to the end. The Revivalists didn’t take any shortcuts.

Zach Feinberg

Nick Greer

Nick Greer

Greer Amplification / Athens, GA

"BA Ferguson builds some of the best guitars I've ever owned. I have 2 of their wonderful instruments in my collection of 45 guitars, and they're both top-tier instruments. Amazing pieces that inspire you to play, built with a love for the craft of guitar making, and attention to detail that is unparalleled. Do yourself a favor and snag one...or two or three as soon as you can!" —Nick Greer

Philippe Herndon, Founder

Caroline Guitar Company / Columbia, SC

Philippe Herndon founded Columbia-based Caroline Guitar Company in 2010. His products are designed to appeal to the subset of rock music aficionados. The products have won accolades from buyers and critics alike, with its first model named to Guitar Magazine’s top 10 pedal list. Caroline Guitar is a member of the USC/Columbia Technology Incubator.

Philippe Herndon

Chris Fahey, Founder

Gravity Guitar Picks / Manteca, CA

Chris Fahey