B.A. Ferguson Guitars is proud to have the following artists and colleagues using our instruments: | 

Mark Cimino  | Steve Vai/Devin Townsend/Shelter Dogs

Jason Salzman  |  Blue Blanket Studios/Universal Audio

Chris Benson | Benson Amps

Sean Woolstenhulme  |  Lifehouse/Self/Session Guitarist

 Zack Feinberg  |  The Revivalists

Andrew Synowiec  |  Film Soundtracks/Session Guitarist

Nick Greer  |  Greer Amplification

Eli Maiman | Walk the Moon
Harry Holden  |  Harry and a Guitar

Mcswain Miles  |  The Tourist

Dave Mills  |  Dave Mills

Lance Seymour  |  GearTalk

Stephen Harrison  |  The Chariot/Fever 333/House of Protection

Aaron Stone  |  My Epic

Jeff Pitts & Jessica Skinner  |  Prettier than Matt

Ben Walker  |  The Rejectioneers/Image Ink

Philippe Herndon  |  Caroline Guitar Company

Casey Meyer  |  Jim Quick and Coastline

Andy O'Neil  |  Sent by Ravens

Predice Hendricks  |  Predice Hendricks Acoustic Tremolo

Casey Hancock  |  Bear Squared

Anthony Amoroso  |  Proud Parents

Mike Strickler  |  Qoheleth

Donny Cannoy  |  Donny Cannoy

Michael D. Bailey  |  Mike Bailey

Eliel Hinojosa  |  Eliel Hinojosa

Daniel Betts  |  Daniel Betts Music/Chasing Light (Australia)

Anthony Webster & Mick Ayton  |  Safe Hands (Australia)

Joe Meckley  |  Session Bassist/Doctrine of Ethos

Zeb Sowell  |  Zeb Sowell/Session Guitarist