Currently, I make each and every guitar by hand in batches of 6 for dealers and direct custom orders alike.  Each "space" in a batch is reserved with a non-refundable half or full payment when ordered. If paying half, the remainder is due when notified by email 1-2 weeks prior to the guitar being ready to ship.  

Turn-around time will vary depending on how many guitars are already in cue.  There are roughly 4 to 5 batches per year and as of now (September 18, 2022), I am booked with builds into September of 2023 (Batch #4 for 2023).  Slots are available for batch that batch with an estimated completion of between September and October of the same year, but this is subject to change.

If you had some different color schemes, pickup configurations or other details you'd like to include or change when placing an order, feel free to email me at BAFergusonGuitars@gmail.com as soon as you place your order and include these details.  Depending on the tier and/or details, their may be minor upcharge fees associated which will be billed separately.  

Thanks so much for taking an interest in what I do and I look forward to building you your wonderful guitar!

I also highly encourage you to call your nearest dealer if you cannot wait.   

Thank you again so much!